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27 February 2013

DOGeometry is featured on the University of Vienna Medienportal

11 September 2012

Added publication

02 February 2012

Added publications

19 July 2011

DOGeometry V1.3.1 is now available in English and German

08 October 2010

DOGeometry V1.2 available!

27 September 2010

DOGeometry V1.1 online!

26 August 2010

DOGeometry is now available!

30 July 2010

DOGeometry was a SIGGRAPH 2010 Disney Learning Challenge Finalist

25 July 2010

First draft of this homepage went online

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Click here to play DOGeometry V1.3.1! in English

Hier klicken um DOGeometry V1.3.1! auf Deutsch zu spielen

DOGeometry is still in development. If you find any bugs, or have some comments or suggestions please send an e-mail to .

DOGeometry requires Adobe Flash Player 9.0. You can get it at the Adobe website.

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We would like to thank Dalton R. Hunkins from the Computer Science Department of St. Bonaventure University, Ang Colomaio from Cutco Inc. and Denise Goodman from Allegany-Limestone Middle School for using the game at St. Bonaventure's Girls Day and providing us with a lot of good feedback. Further, we would like to thank the various people from the Disney Learning Challenge for valuable discussions.