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27 February 2013

DOGeometry is featured on the University of Vienna Medienportal

11 September 2012

Added publication

02 February 2012

Added publications

19 July 2011

DOGeometry V1.3.1 is now available in English and German

08 October 2010

DOGeometry V1.2 available!

27 September 2010

DOGeometry V1.1 online!

26 August 2010

DOGeometry is now available!

30 July 2010

DOGeometry was a SIGGRAPH 2010 Disney Learning Challenge Finalist

25 July 2010

First draft of this homepage went online


DOGeometry is a game for children to learn basic geometric transformation like translation, rotation and reflection. The idea behind the game is to combine problem-solving tasks with artistic expression:
  • On the one hand the child has to build a path for a dog to get to the veterinarian by using a set of tiles and arranging them with a limited number of geometric transformations like translation, rotations or reflections.
  • On the other hand the dog will, from time to time, request new objects from the child which, once created, can be freely placed in the level to make the world more enjoyable for him.
Download the one-page Siggraph 2010 Disney Learning Challenge Proposal describing the game concept (pdf).


Simone Kriglstein
Guenter Wallner